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  • Estate, Gift, GST Tax
  • Private Client Services
  • Estate Planning
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Business Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Tax
  • Tax Litigation


Address: 15100 N. 78th Way, Suite 203, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 480-656-8775 x1018
FAX: 480-656-5260

Grant M. Boland, J.D., LL.M., is a Partner at Boland Law Group, PLLC and focuses his practice in the areas of trust and estate planning, business planning and tax representation. Grant's practice emphasizes the design, implementation and defense of advanced strategies to transfer ownership of family businesses and legacy properties from one generation to the next (or to charity).

Grant counsels family groups and individuals on all aspects of wealth transfer planning, with an emphasis on formulating estate plans that maximize and protect wealth while minimizing transfer taxes. Specifically, Grant focuses his practice in the areas of trust planning, estate planning and private client matters. Grant enjoys assisting clients navigate estate, gift and generation skipping taxes through comprehensive tax planning.

Complimenting his estate planning practice areas, Grant has experience working with professional practices and other closely held companies throughout their life spans. Grant represents closely held businesses on such legal matters as U.S. tax planning, exit strategies, company structuring, and the succession of private companies. Moreover, Grant enjoys advising closely held companies and integrating these entities with the estate planning structures.

Grant has a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Business and Communications from Arizona State University and has previous career experience in the business and finance fields. Grant received his Juris Doctorate from Phoenix School of Law and has a post-doctoral LL.M. (Masters of Laws) in Estate Planning and Elder Law from Western New England University's School of Law.

During his law school tenure, Grant served as an Honor Court Judge, Dean of Delta Theta Phi, Member of the Student Government and the Finance Committee and was awarded as the Most Outstanding Student.

Buy cheap viagra online uk next day delivery, Pfizer viagra online ireland

  • Board Member — Simone Foundation;
  • Board Member — Scottsdale Bar Association;
  • Board Member — Emerging Leaders - Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation;
  • Steering Committee — Wills for Heroes - Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education & State Bar of Arizona;


Professional Memberships & Activities

  • Member — Tax Law Section - State Bar of Arizona;
    • Executive Council (YLD Liaison) — Tax Law Section - State Bar of Arizona;
  • Member — YLD Section - State Bar of Arizona;
    • Executive Council (Tax Law Liaison) — YLD Section - State Bar of Arizona;
  • Member — Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations;
  • Member — Central Arizona Estate Planning Council;
    • Ambassador Committee — Central Arizona Estate Planning Council;
  • Member — Real Property & Trust Section - American Bar Association;
  • Member — Tax Law Section, Business Law Section, Private Equity & Venture Capital Section - American Bar Association;
  • Member — Probate & Trust Section - State Bar of Arizona;
  • Member — Business Law Section - State Bar of Arizona;
  • Member — Scottsdale Bar Association;
  • Member — Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Section - Maricopa County Bar Association;
  • Dean — Delta Theta Phi, Legal Fraternity

Community Involvement

  • Top 50 Pro Bono Attorneys — 2018 - Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education;
  • Volunteer Attorney — Wills for Heroes - Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education & State Bar of Arizona;
  • Volunteer Attorney — Estate Planning Legal Clinic - Disabled American Veterans;
  • Membership Committee — Emerging Leaders - Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation;
  • Signature Event Committee — Emerging Leaders - Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation;
  • Volunteer — Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) - Internal Revenue Service;
  • Volunteer — Special Olympics of Arizona;
  • Eagle Scout — Life Member - National Eagle Scout Association - Boy Scouts of America

Court Admissions

  • Supreme Court of Arizona
  • United States Tax Court
  • United States District Court, District of Arizona