Wealth Preservation Attorney Scottsdale

Wealth Preservation is an amalgamation of several areas of law centered on addressing the core aspects of an individual's wealth. The theories and areas of law involved allow clients to choose strategies that best compliment their business needs, estate planning needs, and tax planning needs. Our firm is centered around the concept of utilizing a multi-disciplined approach to better advise clients.  Our slogan says it all.

Passionately Preserving Wealth™

In the world of wealth planning, planning is everything.  Our attorneys must be knowledgeable about the core of the clients' businesses to effectively advise them with regards to estate planning, business planning and tax issues. This team approach affords our clients the attention and experience they desire.

Proper business planning is usually the first step.  Our attorneys assist in the organization or re-organization of business structures while efficiently allowing managers and owners to structure and document the details of their operations and legal desires. In addition, proper business planning can assist in the protection and continuity of assets from becoming part of a judgment or attached by a creditor when improperly seized. You have worked hard to build your wealth. The more successful you are, the greater the chance that others will try to rob you from success.

Wealth Preservation planning is a powerful lifetime planning tool. Although a good strategy or plan will focus on the management and preservation of property during life and after death, only sophisticated and multi-disciplinary approaches can provide an emphasis for the preservation of wealth for generations to come. As a result, clients can create legacies that live on while ensuring their heirs are legally protected from potential creditors, spouses and even themselves.  This is where proper tax planning can be key when coupled with sophisticated trusts and techniques.

Proper planning can also help to limit public or family knowledge of wealth, encourage family harmony, deter litigation, and deter criminal activity against a client's family.Protecting your assets, your wishes and your legacy will provide peace of mind, and is an investment into your family's future.

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