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Venture Capital and Emerging Companies Attorney Phoenix

How can you buy real viagra online in usa, I want to order viagra online


Costly and time consuming, business mistakes should not be holding you back from focusing on what is important - your business. Our business attorneys possess the necessary business acumen and legal experience to guide privately held companies through the exciting opportunities and inherent challenges that arise during the life cycles of companies. Boland Law Group recognizes that every business is unique, as well as every problem and situation.

At Boland Law Group, we study our clients’ needs and analyze each matter individually. Our attorneys advise a wide variety of emerging companies through each stage of their development and maturity. We often serve alongside other legal professionals to help clients create and execute a well-planned strategy.


Starting a company with a brilliant idea or concept is an amazing and rewarding journey. Entrepreneurs instinctively follow their concepts and focus on the process or product, but all too often leave critical components of the company to the side. The most vital process of starting a business is choosing the right team to help support the business so you - the entrepreneur - can focus on the product. Our business attorneys are here to help guide and assist these clients in getting started. From decisions about which legal entity is appropriate to the proper tax elections, clients appreciate the support and passion we display as fellow business professionals. Our business attorneys are experienced in the legal, tax and business considerations often utilized in the first baby steps a new company takes.


Our business attorneys are not only unique because of their business acumen, prior experiences and legal knowledge; they possess the tenacity to drive clients forward. Businesses can not survive without sufficient capital and reserves.  We help companies develop financing opportunities to provide the funding for startups. Our business attorneys assist clients with leveraging opportunities with angel investors, venture capital companies, private equity funds and investment bankers. Clients must be vigilant in securing funds and protecting their interests in the early to mid-stages of financing and our attorneys position themselves to serve alongside clients during these times.


Whether you are trying to create the next big thing or creating a legacy for your family, businesses yearn for growth and future opportunities to spread their vision. Our business attorneys are here to assist clients with the legal issues involved with developing growth companies to their full potential. Working through the life cycles of the business is critical as each phase brings more opportunities and exposes more vulnerabilities. We help clients with comprehensive transactional and operational guidance for each of these growth opportunities and cycles. Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic partnerships are transactions that need guidance and experience to provide the legal and practical aspects of growth.


Generally, only competent and experienced business and tax attorneys can provide the total picture for clients when they decide to exit the business or give it to the next generation. Despite the business decisions and tax planning, a more in depth analysis is required to ensure clients pull out efficiently while leveraging any planning opportunities that may exist. We collaborate with other practice area attorneys in our firm to work with clients in the business succession area, tax planning area and estate planning area.  Passing on a business to the next generation can bring joys, concerns and the opportunity to create a legacy.  Our attorneys are ready to assist our clients through this exciting journey.