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Boland Law Group has one of the preeminent tax practices in the country.  Our Tax Practice Group has been at the core of the firm's areas of competency since its inception. Our firm provides tax planning solutions and advice to corporate and individual clients in the areas of local, state, and federal tax issues.  Moreover, our tax attorneys provide strategic tax planning services with respect to individual and business income tax, as well as wealth transfer tax such as estate, gift and generation skipping taxes.

Boland Law Group's cross disciplined tax attorneys work closely with clients and companies to develop and implement solutions for complex and simple transactions. Our clients are active in a diverse group of industries: including banking, communications and media, computer software, energy, insurance, international trade, investment management and other financial services, and real estate.

Individual Tax Planning

Estate & Gift Tax Planning

Business Tax Planning

Tax Defense & Tax Litigation

Our tax attorneys develop tax planning strategies that achieve clients’ business objectives while using the tax laws to advance the economic efficiency of transactions. Knowing and understanding a client’s business, balance sheet and competitive profile allows us to appropriately balance tax considerations and transaction objectives to achieve the best possible results.

Our tax attorneys are true generalists, working on deals throughout the firm’s transactional practice areas and possessing a breadth and depth of experience in the most challenging areas of tax law, including corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; partnerships, LLCs and other joint ventures; private equity and private equity fund formation and transactions; real estate, real estate fund formation and real estate investment trusts; regulated investment companies; financing and capital markets transactions; and many aspects of international tax law.