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Corporate \ Business Law   Business Contracts Business Planning and Organization Capital Formation Commercial Transactions Computer Contracting Corporate Governance Corporate Re ...


Law Students Imagine working in a place where you can get a wide array of different legal experiences in just one term or summer. At BLG we pride ourselves on having top talent and experience ...

Tax Law Practices

Boland Law Group has one of the preeminent tax practices in the country.  Our Tax Practice Group has been at the core of the firm's areas of competency since its inception. Our firm provides tax planning solutions a ...

Private Client Services

Because Wealth Attracts Envy. And Envy Attracts Attention. Boland Law Group provides legal counsel and related services to affluent individuals, families and closely held businesses with the accumulation, management a ...


Error: The map ID (2) does not existError: The map ID (2) does not existOur Arizona attorneys and legal staff are located in our two law offices located in Scottsdale and Prescott. Certain law firm attorneys are admitted to practice law in Arizona, Colorado and Missouri. We service national ...

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