Throughout history many symbols have emerged to represent ideologies of protectors and guardians to oversee people’s most valued possessions. The most notorious creature known to the ancient world was that of the powerful and majestic Griffin. From the ancient Greeks to the ancient Persians and many empires since, the Griffin protected vast treasures and lands of the empire. During the medieval period, European monarchs, royalty and sovereigns used this creature and its powers to help protect their precious treasures and gold. Ever since, the powerful Griffin developed as a symbol of  valor and loyalty to those that they protected while providing unparalleled skill and power during their watch.

Considered the king of creatures, the Griffin had the best part of each of the fiercest ancient creatures: the ferociousness and strength of the king of beasts, the lion served as the base, combined with the agile mobility, sharp claws and foresight of an eagle. The best parts of these animals combined forged the Griffin as the perfect protector.

Fast forward to today. Our law firm utilizes many of the same principles and services of the ancient Griffin. Our law firm’s moniker is “Passionately Preserving Wealth™” and it represents the very core of our practice. Our masterful and multi-disciplinary approach to estate planning, tax planning and business planning, provides our clients with unparalleled confidence to know that their wealth, businesses and gold, is being protected with the skillful use of several areas of law.