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Our Prescott law offices are located in the downtown Prescott area in the Prescott National Bank Building. Boland Law Group, PLLC proudly serves the local Prescott community with its local attorney and staff. The Prescott office serves as the firm's northern Arizona law office. We work closely with other Prescott, Sedona and Phoenix law firms and other professionals in many fields of law in order to provide a full spectrum of legal services.

The legal professionals in our Prescott law office pride themselves of not only always staying informed of the latest developments in the law, but also staying involved in the local community. Our attorneys' tenacity and local connections allows them to provide our clients with service based advice and quality legal representation.

CLICK HERE - To Setup A Consultation

Prescott Law Offices
(By Appointment Only)

110 East Gurley Street
Suite 200-A2
Prescott, AZ 86301

Phone: 928-778-7928
Fax: 480-656-5260