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For over 40 years our attorneys have represented families and their businesses. We work hard to get to know our clients, their families, their businesses, their goals, and their industries. We understand our clients and their needs, advising them throughout their lives on how to protect and plan for legal events and life’s inevitabilities.

Located on the border of sunny Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, Boland Law Group, PLLC’s main law office sits in the heart of the Scottsdale financial planning district in the Kierland and Scottsdale Quarter area in North Scottsdale. This prime location allows our attorneys to meet with and join our clients' teams of financial, insurance and tax advisers in a central and convenient location. Our law firm further supports our clients located in the northern part of Arizona with our downtown Prescott office and the Chandler and Gilbert area with our Chandler location. Boland Law Group, PLLC, commonly known as BLG, was founded and is managed by nationally renowned tax attorney Robert W. Boland Jr., J.D., LL.M.

Although Ben Franklin’s famous saying “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” BLG has developed a philosophy and practice to leverage opportunities while planning for both. When Robert founded BLG his philosophy was simple. Clients will prosper faster in their personal and business endeavors when they know that their goals and plans have been materialized through strategic legal planning.

Based on this principle, our law firm prides itself on our ability to draw from our wealth of legal knowledge, practical experience and intellectual tenacity to provide the most integrated, solutions-oriented results for our clients. Our law firm believes in tailored solutions for clients. Therefore, we have honed our ability to collaborate across many areas of law allowing clients to manage or reduce risks, maximize opportunities and move their business and lives forward.

Today, our law firm has the honor and privilege of representing many of Arizona's wealthiest families and their business interests. Our firm’s business law and planning practices as well as our estate planning and tax practices, perfectly complements our clients’ personal planning. Boland Law Group, PLLC separates itself from other attorneys by equipping our clients with preeminent attorneys with focus on intellect, strategic application and private client service.  With our ability to integrate these practices and areas of law, our firm has assisted thousands of closely held companies from every industry to navigate their everyday issues and future strategic planning needs.